The Business Liaisons’ strength is in our ability to manage projects and offer strong and practical foundations upon which to grow a business.  The overall impact as a consultant is to provide our clients access to deeper levels of expertise than would be feasible for them to retain in-house.  As a consultant we provide the following packaged services and we can provide upon request individual items. Feel free to contact us for more information to help assess your decision!

The Basics

Review websites

Review marketing plan

Review business plan

Review Company Structure

Review Financial Analysis

The Next Level

All Inclusive package #1

Provide marketing plan full recommendation report

Provide customized business plan template

Provide financial and accounting services

Provide credit review and counseling

Provide coaching and goal assessment building

Provide legal counseling 

Any package selected comes with discounted enrollment for any of our scheduled workshops being offered at the time.


o   Building Smart Goals/Building a Vision

o   Setting Business Plan Structure/Legal Platforms

o   Business/Marketing Plan Templates